Casual Weststruckness

This was very fun. In my trawl of the interwebs for something to throw up here I came across an interesting “article*”. It is on the website “Biography” and contain a list of Muslim celebrities. Now this isn’t explicit but the whole point here is that click traffic is drawn in by the whole “Oh! I didn’t know he was a Muslim!”. With an idea that this was how it worked I went on and saw Akon was a practicing Muslim apparently (nothing on the validity of crude website ploys) and was surprised.

But why are Muslim celebrities the outlier? Exactly the same reason that white people don’t have stereotypes against them. While it is less simple currently, the vague Christian mix was what was expected and everyone else is different.

Just a neat reminder that I certainly am stuck within the structures Fanon believes corral most of us.

Casual Weststruckness

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