Islam and the Gaming Community (Part 1): Openly Sacriligious

For me this was a pretty clear transgression of respecting religion. Having scripture from the Qur’an in a place expressly forbidden (if we are to believe what the creator of this video says) then it shouldn’t have been done in the first place but mistakes can be made. How someone at Infinity Ward can explain going through the effort to do this is another question. Furthermore I don’t really understand the technical details behind why they removed the map from circulation instead of patching out the offending object but the reaction from the gaming community was absolutely shocking and what I want to point out.

I’m not going to go into the details of this reaction but I’m sure you can imagine. If you can’t and haven’t been onto the internet apart from this assignment here is a (relative to others, tame) video posted after Favela was removed (which I actively suggest avoid watching unless you haven’t been exposed to what happens when people can hide from the consequences):

Noting of course that I am generalising and picking out the worst cases, these people are still the product of a culture that a) doesn’t know much about certain other cultures and b) uses online anonymity to say whatever they feel like. This is something that runs rampant online where anything goes and gets on like a house on fire when Islamophobia is added to the mix.

The main issue here is perhaps a bit more subtle than I am letting on, in the way that we discussed in class that non-Muslims will not appreciate the importance of a piece of scripture central to religion.

Then again, does anyone actually care about someone calling himself “Potato”?

Islam and the Gaming Community (Part 1): Openly Sacriligious

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