I Don’t Even Know Where to Start Here


A lot happening here. Starts off with a sensationally intolerant and insulting protest and then happy ending after a brief visit to a mosque. I’m not going to get into what it takes for people to put the effort into finding out about a specific practice of Islam just to violate it publicly because the story of one of those people changing their minds is more interesting.

If all that it took for someone to have a 180 degree turn of faith is a quick guided tour of Muslim worship then maybe there is some real hope for rapid change. This points to a systemic lack of understanding and knowledge about Islam which means that even the most basic of public education would put a real dent into Islamophobia across the world. I’m not saying that we could remove all the die-hards but removing their lukewarm to middling supporters would cut their collective power drastically.

In all honesty this article is probably a cute scenario that certainly addresses part of the problem faced but probably will never be scaled up. There are many people who hear what Islam teaches and decries it as a facade for the true nature of Islam. Yet I still hold onto the belief that “education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” and hope that in the future we will see something brilliant in this sphere.

I Don’t Even Know Where to Start Here

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